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Hope Rising Hope Rising captures the riveting story of a business woman desperately trying to save her teenage daughter from the minefield of youth. On the brink of depression, high-school freshman Ellie toys with dangerous behaviors, inadvertently stirring up memories from her mother’s past. Mom Anastasia finds a way to tell Ellie her own painful story – from seriously troubled teen to astoundingly successful professional – in an effort to pull her daughter out of the darkness. Hope Rising explores the raw emotion and honest reality of life for an “at-risk” teen, while offering inspirational hope that transcendence is possible; that we can discover peace amidst pain and joy after tragedy. Buy the Book


Chuck and Spark Explore the Park   Discovering new things can be scary. The first day of school or making friends is not always easy. That is how Chuck the oak leaf felt when the wind picked him off the tree and carried him down to the ground. Chuck was alone and afraid until he met Spark, a fluffy, wide-eyed squirrel. Join Chuck and his best friend, Spark, as they journey together through the park making new discoveries! Buy the Book

Coming Soon A book on annual funds from Charity Channel Press
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